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“Enhancing the possibilities through enovation & technology.
We Are Producing TARALIM – True Calcium
Much More Than Just Lime”


Looking For a Certain TARALIM- the true calcium Brand?

Although in the early years we manufactured a limited qualitative lime , today our portfolio of products continues to grow through continued research and development.

Our TARALIM- the true calcium lime conforming to rigid quality standards for different usage,brought in not only better technologies to produce it , but also led to significal research and development effort to understand the physico-chemical , mineralogical , mechanical , thermal and thermodynamic behavior of limestone and the process and operational parameters in burning it.This understanding made us success to produce true calcium products which is first ever in India in its class.

Along with our 4 existing lime manufacturing plants, in the year 2013 , we established a new plant in khimsar , Rajasthan . In this new plant , we implemented an unique innovation technology to produce TARALIM – true calcium (Much More then Just Lime), which is far different technique than the traditional Lime making process. This important breakthrough allows us to produce true calcium product with purity levels that were not previously achievable . Our customers have got an opportunity with this ultra-pure calcium bio-availability because it makes possible for them to develop new products and to improve the quality of their existing products.

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