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“Enhancing the possibilities through enovation & technology.
We Are Producing TARALIM - True Calcium
Much More Than Just Lime”
Director’s speech "My  debt  never  increased  than  my income; my  income  never  could  rise  higher  than productivity; the  only  thing  I can  raise,  that  is  productivity. The  higher  quality productivity  to  the   timely  delivery, I dedicated  to  get  you  covered 

Mohan Lal Boob (Managing Director)

Who We Are
Tara Minerals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., a company, for over two decades has provided the nation’s industries with high calcium lime products. Utilizing one of the highest purity limestone reserves available, TMCPL has become the most diversified producer of high calcium lime in India with production facilities in Khimsar, Bhawanda, Manakpur, Borunda & Gotan in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. With a commitment to research and development, Tara Minerals is setting itself up to ensure that it can continue its exponential growth, focusing in part on latest technology & qualitative needs  

What We Do
We do Service to our customers with dedication and a sense of urgency. Located throughout North West Rajasthan our all mines & quarries contain some of the highest quality limestone reserves in the world. The strategic location of high-quality Lime stone deposits, along with our high tech manufacturing facilities, quality standards, and technical services are the hallmarks of our successful business.   We are focused on the quality from the optimization of our deposits through the state-of-the-art automated process control technology produce consistent product quality with maximum productivity to the timely delivery. Our high standards set us apart from the competition in Indian lime industry.   We consider ourselves to be the trendsetters in customer satisfaction striving to be the best in assurance of supply, consistency and innovation. We also take the responsibilities very seriously to the safety & the environment.  

Any question about lime, please mail--- Our customers make us succeed. Their continuous push for improved performance is a strong stimulation to innovation and creativity at all levels within TMCPL.We’r striving to become a trendsetter to exceed their expectation. We need your fresh and creative ideas to grow our relationship, bringing mutual benefits and driving both of us to Excellence.Should you want to add value to TARA MINERALS, please mail us: