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“Enhancing the possibilities through enovation & technology.
We Are Producing TARALIM - True Calcium
Much More Than Just Lime”
Tara Minerals & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.  have active role on the different sector of Indian industries due to the strong contribution of standard Quick Lime / standard Calcium Oxide Powder & standard Hydrated Lime since 20 years over. Our customers make us succeed. Their continuous push for improved performance is a strong stimulation to innovation and creativity at all levels within our activities. We know that Lime is rather unusual in that it is a completely natural chemical in the mining industry. When used correctly, lime’s unique, natural properties are worth their weight in gold.Tara Minerals’ technical team is comprised of knowledgeable engineers and industry experienced personnel having a long experience of operating our own mines, in addition to extensive knowledge about the function of lime, we are committed to providing the best product for lime application. Thus with a continued research & development, we successfully developed the TARALIM –a true calcium product.

Along with our 4 existing lime manufacturing plants, in the year 2013, we established a new plant in Khimsar, Rajasthan. In this new plant, we implemented an unique innovative technology to produce TARALIM- true calcium (Much More than Just Lime), which is far different technique than the traditional Lime making process. This important breakthrough allows us to produce true calcium product (first ever in India in its class) with purity levels that were not previously achievable. Our customers have got an opportunity with this ultra-pure calcium bio-availability because it makes possible for them to develop new products and to improve the quality of their existing products.

Along with the technological breakthrough, Tara Minerals’ dedicated managers team also taking the responsibility on focusing the quality management, become a trendsetter to exceed our customer’s expectation.
Customer Orientated Company

We strive to provide service excellence. Not only we do meet our customers’ present needs, but we want to anticipate their future requirements & expectations. We are in constant in contact with our customers, to accurately gauge their satisfaction, and carefully analyze their changing needs, using the latest technology & trend-analysis methods.

Quality through leadership

Our management sets the tone for our organization by setting clear and attainable goals and actively helping the staff meet those goals.

Integrated Management System

Our strong management system inspires to our commitment for forward thinking & enables us to meet our high standards, fosters self-improvement and allows us to attain the necessary certifications for our products.

Systematic Management Approach

The regular evaluation of processes, constant vigilance allows us to promptly diagnose any deviations from our defined standards and quickly solve the underlying problem.

Continuous Improvement

The continuous self-improvement of our team is a permanent objective. The regular meeting between management & team holds to assess their satisfaction & hear any improvement proposals they could have. The free exchange of ideas helps encourage & promote & environment, enabling the continuous improvement of products quality & processes.

Evaluation of the Management System and its Goals

We regularly evaluate our system to verify that indeed helping us achieve our goals & maintain our high quality standards. The mentors are responsible for the quality of our service. Our Quality Management Representative is responsible for the effective implementation of our management system & regularly reports to the Board.


” Trust . Quality . Service . Delivery.

We’ve Got You Covered.”